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Roman and Emery | Star-Crossed | Somebody to die for • (Season Finale)

Hi everybody! I'm here again... this is my last video about Romery... and this is so sad because Star-Crossed end... the season finale was very sad and i don't ...

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#Starcrossed / Roman And Emery / Let Her Go

Starcrossed My first Star Crossed video in a while..... i missed it i guess , wish they would bring it back ..... x.

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Star-Crossed - Emery & Roman Kiss Scenes (1x07) [Lake & Hospital]

Star-Crossed - Kiss Scenes (1x07) Both kisses from episode 7 (Lake & Hospital) Emery & Roman.

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Roman & Emery [Star Crossed] - "Say you love me" [1x13]

I love this couple so much, they are so adorable! I really hope somehow they will make a season 2 'cause thay can't leave us with that finale! Hope you like it!

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Stellaris: Utopia - Starcrossed Starfish - Episode #04

Things evolve and cKnoor finds a good source of food. This is part 1 of 3 of the Feb 16th stream. Grab Stellaris: Leviathans here: You ...

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Star-Crossed (1x02) "Lights" Emery's Faith

Title: Emery's Faith Fandom: Star-Crossed (More below...) Character: Emery Whitehill Ship: Emery & Roman Episode: 1.02 These Violent Delights Have Violent ...

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Star-Crossed Emery and Roman S1E1 Part 1

Follow on Instagram Anything_account_2016 Twitter I forgot it I will see what it is.

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Star-Crossed Pool Fight

pool fight in Star-Crossed from Season 1 Episode 4: And Left No Friendly Drop No copyright infringement intended. This is for entertainment purposes only.

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