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Hope In Jesus

In Jesus we have hope - past, present and future. We have hope because Jesus has come. We have hope because Jesus is coming. And we have hope ...

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The Kingdom Story (Part 1) - Pastor Victor Gluckin

The story of the Kingdom of God is pretty simple. What God originally intended in the beginning, he will get in the end. A look at the first three chapters of Genesis ...

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The Kingdom Journey (Part 2) - Pastor Victor Gluckin

God's plan is to restore what he originally intended in the beginning in the end. His original plan was to have man on the earth, with authority over the earth, ...

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The Armor Of God (Part 2) - Breastplate of Righteousness

The breastplate covers the central and most critical part of the body - the heart. God provides his people protection in the spiritual battle for this area in two ...

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The Spiritual Battle (Part 3) - Exposing Demons

The devil has spiritual agents working for his purposes in this world the Scriptures identify as demons and unclean spirits. In this third part to our series on the ...

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Family Weekend - The Energy Of Your Convictions

There are many notable figures who have endured trials and difficulty to achieve great success. Many of these individuals did not even have faith in God to get ...

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The Kingdom Vision (Part 3) - Pastor Victor Gluckin

We know that God's plan is to restore the earth and bring about his kingdom. But what exactly will the kingdom of God be like? God shows us in amazing detail ...

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The Armor Of God (Part 3) - Feet Prepared With The Gospel Of Peace

The gospel message is where the Christian stands. It keeps us protected as we journey in this life. The gospel message contains the power of God to bring life ...

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